Med Home Alert Selects Med Ready Medication Dispensing Systems for Med Home Alert’s 24hr Live Operating Network to Monitor

Med Home Alert provider of Medical Alert Systems announced today that it has chosen to use the Med Ready dispensing system with the Med Home Alert’s 24hr live operating network.

“After reviewing many medication systems it seemed the Med Ready Dispensing System was the best choice for Med Home Alert.” We are already keeping seniors safe with live operators supporting our medical alert systems so why not tie that same support into a medication dispensing system says John Robinson Midwest Marketing Director for Med Home Alert; ” With so many seniors living with some form of dementia, we wanted to offer more than a medication dispensing system with a sounding alarm and flashing light. We wanted to provide our medical alert subscribers with a live operator to notify a caregiver or family member if a medication is missed.”

Med Home Alert supports seniors living in their home safely and independently for as long as possible. Medication non-compliance is one of the key reasons seniors end up in the emergency room and or moving into assisted living facilities., If you live alone, have fallen or are afraid of falling, use a cane or, have difficulty using steps or standing up a medical alert system is right for you. If you are taking 3 or more medications or medications more than twice a day, fallen ill or been hospitalized because you did not take your medications as prescribed than a monitored medication dispensing system is right for you.

For additional information regarding Med Home Alert monitored medication dispensing systems and home medical alert systems (also referred to as medical alarm systems and emergency response systems) you can visit or call 1-866-277-3395.

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